Red-tailed Hawks September Update

Hello Red-tailed Hawk Families,

We've had a very busy and fun first month of school! The students have been introduced to all the Great Lessons, including, The Creation Story, The Timeline of Life, The Coming of Humans, The Story of Written Communication in Signs, and The Story of Numbers. Each lesson has been met with enthusiasm, curiosity, and productive follow-up work. Specialists began this week. The students were excited to have Spanish, Music, Art, and Yoga! We are continuing P.E. on Tuesday and appreciate that we have access to the gym until it is cool enough to have P.E. outside. 

In addition to this, we have begun our Botany lessons with the parts of the plant and are looking forward to some interesting plant experiments. We will also be beginning a large gardening project soon!

There is a large variety of work happening in the classroom. Many of the younger students are enjoying working on single-digit addition and subtraction facts with the bead bars, as well as the multiples of numbers. Our returning students are reviewing foundational geometry concepts such as the positions of straight lines and polygons. We've learned about Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh. It's always so fun to see the students incorporate their art lessons into their work. Cursive lessons are well underway, and we are learning to record work in our work journals. Telling time on an analog clock is a big part of record keeping, and because this is an ongoing work for many of our students, we ask that you leave digital watches at home. We've also begun our Writers' Workshop Groups and will be forming our Novel study groups soon.

It is so nice being able to return to our inside, formal lunch. As a reminder, a large part of the Montessori experience is the emphasis on Grace and Courtesy. These lessons are woven through the elementary cycle using real-life experiences and circumstances. Our lunchtime is a great opportunity to discuss manners, etiquette, patience, etc. It's also fun to see the variety of meals that our friends bring into class. As a reminder, elementary students are capable of (and often excited to) prepare their own lunch. While this can take some time and practice, it is one of the most valuable forms of "homework" that takes place. Students who make their own lunch, or at least assist in making it, are much more likely to eat what is packed. It helps develop responsibility, accountability, planning skills and much more. Each month I will try to provide a kid-friendly recipe that 1st-3rd grade students can help make. (As a parent, I know how challenging it can be to think of different lunch options!) Encourage your child to try new foods, and help prepare it for themselves and your family.

It has been so wonderful getting to know our new friends this first month. Friendships are forming fast, and the new personalities and interests are inspiring lots of new work. We are off to an amazing start to the year!

Please enjoy the pictures of our students enjoying our "Taco 'Bout Sad Ms. Janelle is Leaving" lunch. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at 

In peace and gratitude,

Mrs. Amie


RTH Rice Wraps  (Disclaimer, this is not an original RTH recipe, just picked by Mrs. Amie)


50g rice vermicelli noodles

1 carrot, peeled

1 avocado, peeled and destoned

¼ cucumber

8 rice paper wraps

8 king shrimps peeled and cooked

8 mint leaves

½ cooked chicken breast, shredded

sweet chili sauce or peanut sauce to serve



Put the noodles in a pan of water and bring to a boil, simmer for 3 mins, then cool under running water. Drain thoroughly.


Cut the carrot into matchsticks. Cut the avocado into strips and the cucumber into thin sticks. Soak 2 of the rice paper wraps in cold water for 1-2 mins until floppy.


Lift one sheet of rice paper out of the water, shake gently, then lay it carefully on a board. Place two prawns in the center, with a mint leaf between them. Add a strip of avocado, pile some noodles on top, then add a layer of carrot and cucumber. Fold the bottom half of the rice paper over, then fold the sides in and tightly roll it up. Repeat using the second wrapper and soak two more to make two more rolls.


Make the rest of the rolls up using the remaining four wraps and the shredded chicken instead of prawns. Serve the rolls with the sweet chili sauce for dipping.


*Mrs. Amie Notes:

            Students can help chop fillings and fill and roll the wrap. Feel free to switch out ingredients and discover a new family favorite!