Red Tailed Hawks February Update

Hello Red-tailed Hawk Families,


We have a lot of exciting work happening in the classroom! Several students are working on friendly letter writing, and are looking forward to walking to the Post office soon to deliver their letters. This corresponds nicely with the practice we've been doing on learning our addresses. We have a group of friends who are recreating the Timeline of Life, which is leading to some interesting animal researches and questions. Our older students are practicing the art of the "Quick Write", and our younger students are practicing perfecting their penmanship and punctuation (and alliterations)! The EPIC rounding by 10's work has grown beyond the limits of the campus, and has been relegated to an "at home work", that will be returned to present when complete. Our garden beds are freshly prepped and ready for planting, which we will begin this week. Hopefully we will have a great harvest in the spring!


In other news, we are excited to welcome a new student to the RTH community. As you have most likely heard (the children were VERY excited), Elena joined our class this week. She has been welcomed with open arms by the classroom, and is already busy at work with lots of friends. It is wonderful to see the excitement in the classroom that a new student brings.


You may remember that our classroom overnight is scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 24th. Due to COVID numbers, we are currently reassessing that plan. We will keep you posted as to how we decide to proceed with the evening. It may be postponed, cancelled, or modified. We are evaluating all options.


Lastly, this month we will begin our classroom hikes for PE. I will be sending out information regarding the hikes and how they will be conducted soon. Please be sure to keep an eye out for that information, which will be sent via school cues. Also, please remember that students MUST have appropriate hiking attire, a signed permission slip (coming soon), and a water bottle to be able to attend the hike. Children who forget any of these things will be able to work in a supervised location while the class is hiking.


Thank you so much for all of your continued support and dedication to the Red-tailed Hawks! Please enjoy a few pictures of some of the classroom happenings!


In peace,

Mrs. Amie

 Big Work! (The Epic Rounding by 10's Work, laid out on the field) 

Biome Work Presentation   Science Experiment