Red-Tailed Hawks November Update

Happy November Red-tailed Hawk Families!

Fall is in the air and the Red-tailed Hawks are enjoying the cooler weather and outdoor work! The last few weeks have gone by quickly. I've enjoyed meeting with our families during teacher conferences. It's always great to talk about what your child is doing in class and get to know our families a little better. If you were unable to schedule a conference, please feel free to email me to set up a time when we can meet.

Our Fall Festival is only a few short weeks away! The children, Ms. Janelle and I are so excited to share our dance with you, as well as to see who gets our Red-tailed Hawk Outdoor Movie Basket, and our beautiful art project. If you were unable to come to the art walk, or to come through the lobby lately, I encourage you to go to the Keystone Website and look at our beautiful project. Our piece is titled, "Unity" and is a beautiful collection of painted squares united by one single pendulum painted design. We had so much fun making it, and are so happy with how it turned out. It was definitely the most exciting art project we've done in a while! Once again, a HUGE thank you our amazing room parents, Gen Kennedy and Terri Nigro for all of their help in making our art project and basket happen!

In class we've been working on a variety of work. In geography we are continuing to learn about the Work of Air and its effect on the earth, as well as States and Capitols, latitude and longitude, and the Parts of the Flag. We have several students working with bar graphs who are eagerly taking polls of "favorite fruit, color, dessert, food, month, holiday, animal" and much MUCH more! Some of our young writers are learning how to incorporate dialogue into their writing with quotation marks, and x,y, coordinates are a popular choice for many students. 

With the nicer weather, we have been spending more time outside gardening. Last week we began the hard work of pruning and thinning out some of the many aloe vera pots around campus. We learned about how this plant grows and it's many health benefits. Aloe is an easy to grow plant, which reproducing rapidly, so if you are looking for a desert friendly plant for your child to grow, I highly recommend it. We still have several aloe pups, so if you would like any more in addition to the one we sent home, just let us know!

Lastly, a quick note on jackets and backpacks at school. Each child has one hook in the classroom (due to limited space). Therefore, if they have a backpack and a jacket, both need to fit on the same hook. This is especially difficult when children forget jackets and bring another one into school. then they are trying to stuff multiple jackets and a backpack in an already-crowded space. This creates clutter and a safety issue, as items fall on the floor and block the walkway to the door. It is not necessary for your student to bring a backpack to school. In fact, it is often more of a distraction or a hindrance to their work. Occasionally students need a backpack to travel to and from households, however, unless your child has a specific need for a backpack, please do not have them bring it to school. Also, please make sure their name is on their jacket, as we usually have several jackets left at school.

Thank you so much! We hope to see you all at our upcoming Keystone Olympics event and our upcoming auction. Have a wonderful month!

In peace, 

Mrs. Amie

 Students gardening.

Students working with liquid measurement


Students practicing the dance