Red-tailed Hawks September Update

Hello Red-tailed Hawk Families,


It's been a busy, productive and fun first month of school! Great work is well underway, and the classroom culture is beginning to take shape. New friendships and collaborations are forming, and it's wonderful to see our returning third year students take charge and responsibility of our community. If the first month is any indication we will have a supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic group of leaders in the classroom. Our new friends are settling into the environment nicely. They are enjoying the increased freedom of the elementary classroom, and learning to find balance in their work choices.


We have a lot of "favorite" works this year. The science area (which was put on hold for much of last year due to the restricted seating of COVID precautions) is "fully operational" and seeing a lot of action! There are a multitude of experiments happening, including those exploring the properties of liquids, density, mixtures and solutions, and of course the ever-popular "volcano" experiment, which looks at chemical reactions. 


Another very popular work right now is the scale work using both standard and metric measurement. This is a great way for students to work with all different age groups, explore the classroom, and learn about mass and measurement. We've also had lessons on pointillism, simple stitch sewing, and cave drawings. In short, we have been very busy!


Our room parents, Gen and Terri (Temperance's and Nora's moms) are eager to get started on our classroom auction project. I am excited to share the details with the students soon. Please keep an eye out for more information to come via SchoolCues. 


A few reminders as we settle into the year. 

·      Please remember to keep digital watches at home. Telling time, tracking the passage of time, and time management are all very important skills we work on in the classroom. Not every student is able to read a clock yet. Watches, fit bits, activity trackers, etc. with time displays discourage the practice of reading a clock (and often cause a distraction, especially when alarms accidently go off).   

·      Please remember that snacks should be a FRESH fruit, vegetable, or lean protein. It is meant to be a quick "recharge" for the kiddos, rather than a distraction. In line with this, snack is an exercise in grace and courtesy, therefore our food DOESN'T SUCK ;-) Please do not send food in pouches (apple sauce, yogurt) etc. These foods should be put into a bowl of container before coming to school.

·      Birthday invitations, thank you notes, club invites etc. should all be done OUTSIDE of school. The second plane of development is a very SOCIAL AGE, and as such, children are becoming more sensitive to being part of the group. Hurt feelings are very common when children realize they were not included in an activity. Therefore, we do not discuss birthday parties, clubs, events and such in the classroom community. Having some children receive cards or fliers when others do not, causes hurt feelings and stress on newly forming relationships.


Thank you all so much for a wonderful first month of school! Ms. Janelle and I are so excited about the months ahead!


In peace and health,

Mrs. Amie