Red-tailed Hawks August Update

Hello Red-tailed Hawk Families and welcome to the 2021/2022 school year!

Ms. Janelle and I are so excited to start this school year and see all of our friends on Monday. We have been hard at work this week preparing the classroom and refreshing our environment. It has been great to meet many of our new students and families this week, and look forward to getting to know those of you whom we have yet to meet.

There are a few things that your student will need to bring to school. Because of the Covid numbers, we are still utilizing many mitigation measures, such as minimizing exposure to other students and classrooms. Some of these things will help us in that way. Here is what your student should bring to school:

·      water bottle

·      washable placemat for lunch (this will come and go with them each day)

·      sketch book for art (by Thursday, please no larger than 9x11)

·      snack (fresh fruit or vegetable, or lean protein)

·      *mask* (We have a few at-risk students and family members in our classroom community. In consideration of their needs, I strongly recommend and request that your student wears a mask every day to help keep our classroom safe and open.)

A few reminders (or new information for our incoming friends) about lunch. At Keystone we encourage healthy lunches with minimal packaging and waste. We have a "formal lunch" which means we have plates and utensils for use in the classroom. We also have a microwave for students to reheat food. Please send food that can be reheated in 30 seconds or less, so that we can make sure all of the students have time to eat lunch each. We will be eating lunch outside, picnic-style while Covid numbers remain high. Elementary students are capable of preparing and packing their own lunch. Please remind them to bring healthy choices. We do relax the rules a bit on Fridays, so if they would like to include a treat (such as a cookie, brownie etc.), it may be brought in on Friday. However, candy is not included in this exception. If you have any questions, please email me.

In line with communication, the best way to contact me is through email at I check my email every weekday and will respond to you within 48 hours (although usually it will be the same day). Phone calls to the office are fine as well, however please remember that I am with the students during the day and will not leave the classroom to return a phone call unless it is an emergency. We also have our monthly web update, which is helpful for staying aware of classroom happenings. Please remember to check it, as I will put pertinent information and dates in the update.

Thank you all so much. Ms. Janelle and I are so happy to be back with the children on campus and we look forward to a joyous and productive year!

In peace,

Mrs. Amie