January Update

Hello again Red-tailed Hawk Families!


We've had a busy few weeks. In addition to our lessons and researches, we had our reading assessments. I am happy to see progress "across the board" with all the kiddos! Reading and language is my personal passion, and (in my opinion) the most important skill to develop in the lower elementary environment. 


Reading is a life-long skill which opens the world to children. It is important to set aside time for daily reading in your household, and to model that behavior yourself as well. Reading for pleasure, as well as reading for information, builds independence and confidence in young students. If you would like some specific reading suggestions for your student, send me an email, and I will send you a list of my favorites.


I'd like to remind everyone of some of our "protocol" during Virtual Learning. The majority of information (including assignments, resources, and lesson follow-up) is listed on Google Classrooms. In this portal, I can communicate directly with the children. The zoom meeting information, due dates, work choices, and links to lessons and videos, is also on GC. If you are ever wondering what your student should be working on, you can check their profile on GC for assignments. Additionally, there is a topic area marked "work suggestions" that has a variety of work choices for your student to work on. 


While on Zoom, your student should have their video on. It is time consuming and frustrating for Ms. Janelle and me to call out into "the void" when we are calling a student to the lesson. Related to this, as you might have noticed, I am no longer sending a schedule of the student lessons. It proved to be an exercise in frustration for everyone. As the year progresses, and the students become more varied in their lessons and work habits, it becomes impossible to anticipate the time we would need for lessons, reminders, and checking student work. Therefore, much like it is when we are in-person, I am "following the child" and becoming more flexible in lesson presentation. 


Work drop off/pick up: As a reminder, all classes put their student folders out in front of the school on Fridays (usually 2:30-4:30, but sometimes we put them out at lunch time). Each student has a file folder, which they can use to pick up work for the next week, and turn in work that is completed. When I am able, I put the work on Google Classrooms to be printed out, however sometimes things such as materials or books, need to be sent home.


Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding with this very challenging year. I am hoping that we will be able to be back on campus soon. Have a nice few weeks!


Mrs. Amie