November Update

Hello and Seasons Greetings Red-tailed Hawk Families!

It's hard to believe it's already the holiday season! The past several weeks have been a whirlwind of activity in the Hawks' community. Our Planet Presentation Day (which morphed into two days) was a big success! It was great seeing all of the creativity and enthusiasm in the children. We learned a lot about our solar system, and the continued interest in the subject has led to many more researches. It was a wonderful work of collaboration in the community and the students had a great time.

In addition to our many planet-related lessons, we have been busy at work in all subject areas. We have several students working with multiples of numbers, multiplication with the checkerboard, possessive nouns, and sentence analysis. We also have many stories in process, which has led to several lessons on editing and revisions.

The coming weeks will be full of lessons, projects and work completion. On Tuesday, November 24th we will have a classroom Thanksgiving celebration. While we are unable to have our traditional classroom community lunch, we will be doing some fun Thanksgiving crafts, sharing in some holiday dessert, and watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" together. This will be a time for us to focus on what we are thankful for this year, and the things that we can do to help others. (Including participating in the Coyotes' Classroom Food Drive)

Beginning on November 30th, Keystone will return to Distance Learning for all students. As before, we will use Google Classroom as our "hub" for assignments and communication. I have included a section titled, "Work Suggestions". In this section, students are able to look through works to complete, or to use as inspiration to create their own work. This section should be used by the children as a way to choose work, much like they would in the physical environment. Additionally, students will continue to receive lessons and assignments from me. We will continue to meet virtually on Zoom each morning at 8:15, at which time we will take attendance and discuss the day's plans.

Thank you all for your continued support of Keystone and your student's learning. While this year is certainly testing our flexiblility, adaptability and committment to learning, it is also helping us to appreciate the benefits and value of a Montessori education. Please be sure to check the Friday Tidbits each week, as well as the Website Updates regularly, as things will be very "fluid" and busy during the next month.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay well,

Mrs. Amie