September Update

Happy Fall Red-tailed Hawk Families!


It's hard to believe, but fall is upon us! This Tuesday is the Fall Equinox, and we will learn about what that means in our Sun and Earth Lesson on Monday. We have a very busy week ahead. In addition to our continued lessons and follow-up work, we also have our state mandated reading assessments. These reading assessments are done 3 times a year, with all 1st through 3rd grade students. This year, the assessment program has switched to a digital format, so while much of the content and modules are the same, it may seem "new" to our returning students. Assessments must be administered individually, during a brief time window, so we will focus on getting those done this week. You will see this reflected in the week's schedule. 


We also have our Community and Classroom Meetings this Tuesday, September 22. Please plan on attending both, as there is a lot of information to be covered. During our classroom meeting we will be discussing our auction basket and project, as well as Independence in Hybrid Montessori Learning.


Thank you and have a wonderful week!


In peace, 

Mrs. Amie and Ms. Janelle