Red-tailed Hawks - 2nd October Update

This has been a busy, productive last few weeks! Our wonderful parent volunteers have come through again, and our auction project looks AMAZING! Thank you all so much for your help. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Keystone Derby on Nov. 2nd!


In the classroom, we have been working on a variety of things. We've continued with our Work of Water lessons, learning about Erosion, valleys, canyons, and rain. Our older students have been working on editing and revision written work, while younger students have been working on quotation marks and apostrophes. Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers (and back again) has been another work going on in the classroom. We have our first student "going-out" in the works, as well as several researches.


Our classroom observations have begun, and the children are very excited to share with you, all of the things happening in the classroom. Please contact me if you have any trouble setting up your observation or conference.


Thank you!


Mrs. Amie