Red-tailed Hawks - 1st September Update

Hello Red-tailed Families,


Things are moving along nicely in the classroom community. We have a great variety of work happening, as well as several researches going on right now. 


As we get into the second month of school, now is a good opportunity to talk about grace and courtesy in the lower elementary environment. Grace and Courtesy in an essential element of the Montessori Curriculum. In Children's House, these lessons are easily identified, and reflect the activities of practical life, self-care and social interactions.


Grace and Courtesy in the lower elementary is perhaps more subtle in its presentation and manifestation, but no less essential to the environment. In fact, these "lessons" may be even more important to the elementary child, who is entering the second plane of development. 


During the second plane, students become more socially aware, and have a strong desire to be part of a community. As such, it is important that they know, understand, and adhere to, the social expectations of the community. Therefore, "Grace and Courtesy" in the elementary classroom is the care of environment and the facilitation of its successful, peaceful functioning. Examples of this work include our "Classroom Contributions" (Job) chart, lunchtime manners, and conflict resolution skills. Small lessons such as eating with your mouth closed, talking in between bites and at an appropriate volume, appropriate meal conversation, and using a napkin are all small, but critical lessons. I encourage you to practice these skills and manners at home during mealtimes. 


In coming updates, I will be sharing some of the grace and courtesy lessons we are working on in the classroom, that can easily be supported and discussed at home.


Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs. Amie