Red-tailed Hawks - 2nd August Update

Hello Red-tailed Hawk Families!


Things are off to a great start in the classroom. As promised at our first classroom meeting, I'd like to share with you some insight from John R. Snyder's collection of Essays titled, "Tending the Light". 


The following is an excerpt from his "Open Letter to New Elementary Parents". While the letter is intended for parents that are new to the elementary environment, much of the information is helpful for any elementary Montessori Parent.



"The stimulation and intensity of the well-functioning Montessori elementary classroom can be physically and emotionally exhausting for the new children who are still in transition. There is so much to take in, so much to think about, so much to learn! Plan now to offer them extra support at home by seeing that they have the very best nutrition and nine to eleven hours of sleep each night. Renew your commitment to protecting them from daily exposure to television, computer games, and video games. Give them lots of "down time" and time outdoors in nature. This is not the time to lead up their schedulers with private lessons and extracurricular activities! Read aloud to them daily from books recommended by your school or your child's guide. Have a family meal at least several times a week to practice the art of conversation about topics your child will be encountering in school. Practice giving your elementary child room to talk, to speculate, to question, to imagine aloud. Speak less and listen more."


-John R. Snyder


If you have any questions, or thoughts on this reading, please feel free to send me an email. I am happy to set up a time and discuss it more in depth. 


Have a nice weekend!


Mrs. Amie