Red-tailed Hawks- 1st March Update

This week we said good-bye to our furry friend Sparky the hamster. Sparky passed away after a long brave battle with an unidentified cheek ailment. Despite Sparky’s illness, he always maintained a spunky, cheerful attitude. He loved running around in his ball, escaping from his cage, and chewing on his tunnel. We will miss you Sparky. We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Charlie’s mom, Ms. Lala, who took him to the vet twice, administered medicine and gave him love and comfort in his final days. On Friday, the students organized a memorial service for Sparky, at which they shared stories, poems and pictures of Sparky.


Moving on to happier news, Spring is in the air (if not yet on the calendar) in the Red-tailed Hawks classroom. We have really enjoyed our hikes around South Mountain. Our final hike will be on Thursday, March 7th. In class, we’ve been enjoying a variety of botany lessons and experiments, including parts of the root, parts of the seed, and seed dissection. Several students are working on paragraph writing, while others have been doing work with latitude and longitude, and area and perimeters of rectangles and squares.


We also voted on our class play. This year we will be doing the play, Mary (or Marty) Poppins. We will perform our play on Thursday, April 11that 6:00. Please be sure to put it in your calendar. We will work on our script and assign parts next week.


Lastly, our next classroom meeting will cover our end of year trip. The meeting is on Tuesday, March 19th. It is the Tuesday after spring break, so please make sure to remember to attend. This year’s trip will include all lower elementary classrooms. We will be going to Camp Colley in Happy Jack, AZ. The dates are May 15-17th. All students (from all classrooms) who are not attending, will be with a Keystone in one of the lower elementary classrooms, and have class “as usual”. 


Have a nice weekend and we will see you on Tuesday, March 19th for our classroom and community meeting.


Mrs. Amie