Red-tailed Hawks - January Update

Happy New Year! The elementary environment inspires big thinking and big works! This is very evident in the classroom right now! There are a lot of lessons and very “big” works going on in the classroom. Lessons on fraction number lines and abstract long division have both inspired some large-scale follow up. Several students are working on long division problems that are over 5 feet long! We also have another student who used the meter stick to make lengthy fraction number lines of her own.


We have a few important dates to keep in mind next month. We will be starting our hikes for PE. An online permission slip for ALL hikes will be ready on SchoolCues shortly. On hike days, please remember that students must have appropriate clothes and shoes, as well as a water bottle in order to attend the hike. Students will not be able to call home for forgotten items. Also, if you would like to volunteer to join us for the hikes, please check with Ms. Sue in the office to see if you are cleared to volunteer. We will not need drivers, so you do not need to meet those requirements.


Also next month, is our classroom overnight with the Iguanas class. The date for this event is Thursday, February 21st. More information will be sent home soon, however be sure to save this date, as attending the overnight is mandatory for students to be able to attend the end-of-year trip. We will also be looking for some volunteers to conduct classes for the overnight. If you are interested, please email me.


Have a nice long weekend!


Mrs. Amie