Red-tailed Hawks- 2nd December Update

Happy Holidays Red-tailed Hawk Families!


A big thank you to everyone for joining us for our first classroom social! The soup dinner and cookie exchange was a great success. We had delicious food, lots of fun and it was great to see everyone getting to know one another. A special thank-you to Barbie Childs for reserving the Club West Clubhouse for us, and to our room parents, Lala Schlue, Erin Lorandos, and Gloria Olvera, for helping arrange and ensure help for the evening. 


In addition to finishing up work in progress and researches, we’ve also been working on a wide variety of language lessons, including friendly letters, alliterations, synonyms and summaries. Missing integers has been very popular, as well as long division and the introduction to biomes.


The final week before Christmas break will be busy, but fun. Please email me if your student will be missing any days, as we will have a lot of things happening in the classroom. Students will be bringing home their holiday projects on Wednesday, our winter solstice celebration will be Friday, (which is a ½ day with no aftercare), and we will be having our classroom gift exchange on Friday as well. 


As a reminder, the classroom gift exchange is an optional event. In order to participate, students bring in a HOMEMADE, wrapped, and anonymous gift. Please, please, please do not send in store bought gifts. This creates upset feelings and inequity. Store bought gifts will be sent home with the student, and they will not be able to participate in the swap (which makes everyone, including the teacher, very sad). Please encourage your student to put time and thought into their project, as we emphasize the thought behind gifts, rather than the gift itself. Also, since they don’t know who will be receiving the gift, please make it as gender-neutral as possible (games, toys, foods, crafts, are all great options). If you have any questions, or would like some suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Gifts may be brought in any time after Monday, and I encourage your student not to wait until Friday, as that’s a busy day and it’s easy to forget it at the last minute. 


Lastly, I would like to thank you all for a wonderful first half of the year. It has gone by so fast, probably because it’s been so fun! Have a great break and we will see you next year!


In peace,


Mrs. Amie