Red-tailed Hawks- 1st October Update

Hello again everyone!


This update will focus on something that several people have been asking about; snack and lunches J


As a reminder, snacks in the elementary are intended to be a quick, healthy “fuel” for students. Snacks should consist of a fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, or lean protein. Please do not send in protein bars, as they often contain chocolate and/or high amounts of sugar. Snack guidelines are the same for school time and extended care.


Some examples of snacks are:


Nuts (no peanuts)

roasted chickpeas


turkey slices

cottage cheese

veggies and hummus


Pumpkin seeds

hard boiled eggs

egg muffins


Lunches at Keystone should be healthy and able to be reheated in one minute or less. There is no need for beverages, as we have water with our lunch. As in true in the primary, and even toddler classroom, we have formal lunches in which we eat on real plates, using placemats and napkins. Lunchtime is an extension of the grace and curteousy lessons inherent in the Montessori philosophy. Students are taught how to use utensils correctly, display basic good manners and clean up after themselves. Food is placed on plates or in bowls. We do not allow students to “suck” their food, so please refrain from sending in squeezable yogurts and fruits. Also, as a reminder, students in the elementary level are encouraged to prepare and pack their own lunch.  


Here is a link to some healthy lunch ideas and recipes:


One last note on lunch, as I’ve done in the past, I’m a little more “lax” with lunch rules on Fridays. On those days, if students want to bring in a small treat, I’m okay with it. However, it can never be candy. As I told the students, it has to offer some sort of nutritional benefit, “it should make you full, before it makes you sick”. For example a banana chocolate chip muffin is a sweet treat that would fill you up if you ate a lot of them. However, eating a bunch of M&Ms would make you sick before they made you full.


I hope this has been helpful and if you would like any more clarification, please feel free to mail me. Have a wonderful fall break!


Mrs. Amie