Red-tailed Hawks - 1st September Update

During the last few weeks, The Red-tailed Hawks have been very productive. There has been a wide variety of work going on, including reminder and new lessons. We have several students working on the squares of numbers and multiplication facts. Many of our younger students are enjoying their work with standard linear measurement and some students are beginning work with the Seasons, nouns and articles and science experiments. We are also well into our classroom read-aloud book, James and the Giant Peach


In addition to the academic work, our P.E. Art, Spanish and Yoga classes have been going well. The children are always excited about these activities, and it’s wonderful to see the creativity and interest the “specials” evoke. 


Thank you all for a great start to the year!


Mrs. Amie and Ms. Maria


Cave paintings with Ava and classmates.

Finn and Charlie creating cave paintings.