Iguanas October Update

Dear Iguanas, 


Happy October! We are excited for some cooler weather coming shortly!! 

We have finished our Auction Art Project for the Fall Festival. All the children were so happy to help and be involved in the making of this beautiful map. Thank you again to our key moms for coming and being so wonderful! 

We are looking forward to hosting each family in our classroom for observations. This is a great time for you to observe the Iguana's environment and see how your child works. We also look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress so far this school year. 


October Birthdays:


We look forward to celebrating Lukas and Killian this month!


Fall Break: October 3-7

Fall Festival Art Walk: October 22nd from 9:00-11:00 here at Keystone

Early Release: October 28th 

We need your help! We are wanting to start gardening with the children in our backyard environment. 

We are asking for donations ASAP. 

Things we need for the garden: 

- #1 thing we always need is a lot of soil 

- Seeds (Lettuce, spinach, carrots, and radish)

- Plants (tomato, strawberry, and herbs)

Thank you to Rowan's mom who has already donated lots of flower seeds that can help make our garden beautiful! 

Please enjoy some pictures!


Ms. Katty and Ms. Janelle 


Tahj, Riley and Teo baking for their birthday 

Morgan, Avery, Citlali and Antonella reading on their trip to the library 

Riley, Joaquin and Mady working with the Chinese Numeral Chart 

Amelia and Luna presenting their research 

Killian and Tiwa enjoying their time at the Ironwood Library 

Giovani, Tahj and Riley working with a Grammar Box.