January Update

Hello Iguana Families!


As always, a big thank you for all your continued support and patience. We are all learning and getting through this together. 


We celebrated Simona and Serafinas birthdays this month. We sang happy birthday and the children wrote them letters. Happy birthday Serafina and Simona!!! 


We learned alot about the stem these past weeks. I showed some charts and the children learned the functions of the stem. We did two experiments; one with celery and colored water and the other with a tissue and colored water to watch the function of the stem and how it transfers water. The children were so excited to watch this experiment and try at home. Many children became scientists and tried this and other versions at home. We were so happy to see this! This is a fun activity to do over the weekend too and make some more discoveries!


We started Spelling groups after the new year and have been introducing new rules and playing a spelling game. This has been a great success and the children really seem to enjoy this new group activity we have started online, yay! We enjoyed some excellent presentations on dinosaurs and candy. Great job! The 3rd years have been learning how to write 3 paragraph essays in Writing Club and the 2nd years have started Writing Club with simple paragraphs and learning the structure. They are excited about this and doing a great job already! We finished 3 books of the BoxCar Children series. What wonderful books and they have kept the children really engaged during read-aloud. We have started reading a new book, Pippi Longstocking. What a fun book. The children have been enjoying this silly classic. 


Ms. Katty and Ms. Janelle