1st September Update

Hello Iguanas, 

We want to express our continued gratitude and thankfulness for our families and students. Our hearts are truly full. We know this has not been easy, but we are so happy to see the children get into a routine and always see smiles on their faces with much positivity. We are so proud of you all! 

We finished up our 5 Great Stories. The story of the alphabet and the story of numbers was told. We hope these stories sparked some interest in the children! 
We also heard a wonderful presentation on Italy! Thank you Olivia and Lucky. Some other lessons that have been given recently are equivalent fractions, angles, polygons, capitals of North America, alphabetical order and vowels.

We started our new book for read aloud. The 2nd book in the Box Car Children series. We are so happy to hear many children saying this is the best part of their day!! Continue to enjoy and see what adventures the kids get into on the 
island :)

We got to celebrate Olivia and Alex’s birthdays this week. We sang to them and they received letters from all their friends. Happy birthday Olivia and Alex! Enjoy your celebration weekend!! Today we said goodbye to Ethan. We will miss you so much, Ethan! We wish you all the luck and we are always here for you! :) 

We are here for anything you need and anyway we can help, please let us know! 
Again, thank you for all your support. 
Have a relaxing and restorative weekend. 

Ms. Katty and Ms. Janelle