Iguanas - 1st November Update

Hello Iguana Families, 

We have had a great and fun filled week. We have enjoyed the observations this week and hope you have enjoyed them as well. 

Some children were given the lesson on the Layers of the Earth. They made their own model out of plasticine. The younger children received the story of leaves and their many aspects. They got to observe some leaves under the microscope; they loved that! The older children received the lesson on binomial squares. In the writing club, some children are working on biographies. 

Today we finished planting our garden. The children got to plant radish seeds, lettuce seeds, carrot seeds jalapeño seeds, cilantro seeds, basil seeds and onion and tomato plants. We are excited to see our garden grow and cook some delicious food with our vegetables! 

Hope to see you all at the Keystone Derby! 

Ms. Katty and Ms. Janelle  

Luis and Liam planting some vegetables 

Josiah getting the earth ready to plant. 

Alex getting the soil ready to plant 

 Barrett and Rex preparing the soil 

Ruby, Eloise and Serafina planting onions