Iguanas - 2nd October Update

Hello Iguanas Families, 

We have had a great week back from fall break. We loved hearing about what the children did with their time off and the stories they told us. 

The younger children have been given the lesson of adjectives and working hard on discovering some. They also have been introduced to measuring with a ruler using inches. Some are also finishing their multiples and making them into a book. The older children are working on 2 digit multiplication and also have been given the lesson of squaring. We started introducing poetry this week. The new students are going to be making poetry books and the returning children will be introduced to more advanced poetry. 

Today we had a presentation on Russia. They made a beautiful poster and made us some Borscht; a Russian soup. It was AMAZING!!

Save the Date!

Our Key Parents have sent out an email about our upcoming potluck. It will be Thursday, October 24th from 5:30-7:00. It will be held at Desert Foothills Park. Please RSVP on the email and sign up for something to bring! We cant wait to see you all there!

A special Thank You to our Key Parents and helpers for finishing our auction project. Wow, it is beautiful! Please check out our ocean window in the lobby! 

Ms. Katty and Ms. Janelle 

Students with Research Presentation on Russia




















Emili and Gabby presenting their research on Russia

Student working on Africa map




















Ethan working on an Africa map

Student working with the Stamp Game




















Lucky working with the Stamp Game

Student preparing salsa




















Rex preparing salsa