Iguanas - 1st September Update

Dear Iguana Parents,


We are so excited to observe that the children are choosing appropriate work throughout the day and really showing great concentration and working hard. We celebrated Maria Montessori's birthday by learning more about her life and singing happy birthday to her. 


All the children received the lesson on the movement of the Earth. The younger children are learning article/nouns and singular/plural nouns. They also got the lesson on the Needs of Plants and created their own little booklets with a creative binding. They were so excited. The older children are working on equivalences and common multiples. We also have a lot of researches going on and some going-outs in the process of being planned. In the Writing Club, the older children are starting to learn about persuasive essays and the younger children are learning how to write proper sentences and some are moving on to proper paragraph writing. 


This week we went to the library with the new students and some helpers. We took a tour and showed them how to check out books. The children were so happy checking out some reading and informational books. We will begin our weekly library trips on Monday, September 9. 



- If your child brings home a folder with their work, please make sure their folder gets back to school on Monday. 

- Monday there is no school due to Labor Day. 


Thank you!

Ms. Katty and Ms. Janelle 

Lucky separating some eggs for a lime pie.Lucky separating some eggs for a lime pie.Emili juicing some limes for a lime pie.Emili juicing some limes for a lime pie.Happy birthday to Emili and Lucky!Happy birthday to Emili and Lucky!The final product, a yummy lime pie! The final product, a yummy lime pie!