Iguanas- 1st March Update

Hello Iguanas Families,

We had such a great time at the sleepover last week. The children enjoyed their classes they attended that night. The classes that were offered that night were Bugs, Cooking, Skeletal System and Origami. Thank you so much to the parent volunteers who helped us out that night, we appreciate you! The children enjoyed a yummy breakfast of egg muffins, parfaits, and bananas. They also got the choice to watch a movie or do some arts and crafts along with some popcorn/carrots for a snack. Everyone did great at night and had a restful sleep. 

The younger students have been working on addition of fractions and were introduced to common/proper nouns and concrete/abstract nouns. In biology, all the children were given the lesson of "Food Factory." In Writing Club, we are using writing webs to help write a 3 paragraph research paper on planets and some other students are writing How-To paragraphs. We are working hard to finish our unfinished work this week. We had some presentations recently on India, Italy, Europe, and Snow Owls. Cicily made us a really tasty Caprese salad for her Europe research. Thank you, Cicily!

Today we celebrated our March birthdays. They baked chocolate chip treasure cookies. They were delicious. Happy birthday Marissa and Liam!!

We will be having a hike next week. Please look out for a permission slip with more information.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Katty and Ms. Janelle