Iguanas- 2nd February Update

Dear Iguanas Families,


     We have had a very fun and busy couple of weeks. The younger children have been working with verbs and others have been getting the lesson on sentence analysis and working with their multiples. In Writing Club, the children have had some topics such as; Describing step by step in paragraph form how to do or make something, comparing and contrasting two objects, and the older students are working on a 3-paragraph paper describing their dream world. 


We harvested some veggies from our garden this week! We were able to get lots of radishes, lettuce, and cilantro. We decided to make some yummy nachos this week with the veggies from the garden. We used tortilla chips, beans, and the veggies we harvested. The children also made fresh salsa using our cilantro and adding some tomatoes and onions and also made some fresh guacamole. Wow, the children loved them; they were delicious!


We had a spectacular presentation from Luis' Godfather, Enzo. He is an F-16 fighter jet pilot and instructor. He came to talk to the children, show pictures and answer their questions. Everyone was so engaged and had many excellent questions to ask. Luis and Enzo both came dressed in uniform. Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation!


We had a fantastic time today on our field trip to the Puppet Theatre. We enjoyed a show about saguaro cactus and the desert animals. We all learned a lot and the children were fascinated by this type of puppetry. It was a cool and different type of presentation for us all to enjoy!


Enjoy your 3-day weekend!

Ms. Katty and Ms. Janelle 


Field Trip

Field Trip to AZ Puppet Theater


Food Prep

Emili and Lilly preparing some toppings for our nachos 


Field Trip

Field Trip to AZ Puppet Theater



Luis and Enzo giving their presentation on F-16 fighter jets dressed in uniform