Great Horned Owls February 2023 Update

Dear Great Horned Owls Families - 

The overnight with the Red Tailed Hawks went fantastically well. After eating dinner, the children went off to their classes taught by parent volunteers. We had Jamia Mealy, doing forensic DNA where the children had their finger prints taken to make a finger print ID card. They had to analyze their finger print to see what pattern their print made: loop, arch, or whorl. The next class, taught by Judith Benen, was on the Netherlands featuring some European history and samples of Dutch cheeses.

The interactive science class was on what chemical reaction occurs inside pizza dough as it rises. The children donned aprons and chef hats while they rolled out the dough…very fun and educational. Finally, the class taught by Professor Sonia Vega López was on food and nutrition. She had plenty of realistic rubber foods the children couldn’t believe they were not real. They learned the importance of eating all the colors of the rainbow everyday. At the end, they enjoyed a cup of fresh cut-up fruits with some yogurt.

It was definitely a fun experience for the children. The next day we got up early and provided a really nice breakfast selection in each of our classrooms. Once the children finished eating and the other children arrived, we left for our walk to the Desert Foothills Park. It was a nice crisp day and the children enjoyed both the walk and playing on the playground structures. I’m sure once they got home, they were ready for a nap.

Snack Time:

We have a few students who eat a good breakfast at home and don’t require snack time in the morning. For those still needing to get a quick bite, they’ll take out their snack and place it on a small plate to eat within the allotted five minutes. Once they finish, they’ll clean their plate and the next person will use the same plate for their turn. Please remember the snack should be only something quick to eat: a piece of fruit, veggies or a lean protein (cheese stick). We’ve had some children who were trying to eat some of their lunch or having several snacks which required too much time to eat. Please speak to your child about being respectful of the time limit so everyone who needs it is able to take time for a snack.

Poetry Recitation and Potluck:

Just a friendly reminder our classroom Poetry Recitation and potluck will be on Wednesday, March 8th from 6-7pm. As we get closer to the date, we’ll send out more details.

February Birthdays we celebrate:

2nd - Levi

16th Luna

22nd Nadia

27th Dylan L.


Important Upcoming events:

Saturday, February 11th (5-8:00pm)— Heart 2 Heart Family Valentine’s Dance at Keystone (see Social Events)

Wednesday, February 15th (6-7pm)- Annual Children’s House Peace Program

Friday, February 17th - Staff Development/No School/Extended Care Provided

Monday, February 20th - Presidents Day Holiday/No School/Extended Care Provided

Wednesday, February 22nd (6-7:00pm) - Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, February 25th (4-7pm) - Latin Family Fiesta (see Social Events)

Sunday, February 26th (1-3pm) - Descendants Dance Party (see Social Events)


Friendly Reminder:

Don’t forget to make your AZ School Tax Credit donation for Keystone Montessori- receive a dollar per dollar credit on your AZ tax return ($200 single or $400 for joint return on AZ form 321, please ask your tax advisor for details or )

With sincere gratitude,

Ms. Bahareh and Mr. Jess