Great Horned Owls October Update 2022

Dear Great Horned Owls Families - 

Wow! We can’t believe the first quarter finished so quickly. It definitely feels different from the two prior years. Most of the children have gotten into a rhythm at school and start work as soon as they arrive in the morning. Others still need gentle reminders of which lessons they’ve had and the follow-up they need to complete. The natural tendency to socialize more than work is an ongoing conversation. Shifting the focus to productive group work from just socialization is a daily event moving at a glacial pace for many of the new students (and some of the older ones, too), at least that is what it feels like to the adults.

All the Montessori Great Stories have been presented: Coming of the Universe and Earth, Coming of Life, Coming of Human Beings, Communication in Signs, and The Story of Numbers. The new children, and even some of the older children, get really excited with botany experiments. Seeing the leaves at the top of the celery stem turn red from sitting in colored water was exciting to see for most of the children. Demonstrating this capillary action and the hydrotropism of roots is quite trilling to the children.

What has really enliven the children is learning to read road maps for our first “going-out” to the library. Many are able to find different routes to the library and once found, they mark each one with different color highlighters. Their eyes enlarge when I tell them they will be guiding me to the library by telling me which turns to take in order to get to the library. I assuage any fears by telling them there will be three of them aiding each other as we venture out.

Our first pot luck will be happening when we return from Fall Break on October 12th at Desert Foothills Park. It’s scheduled from 6-7pm, but sunset is at 6pm. Shall we move it up to 5pm to allow the children time to play in daylight?

After we return from break, our in person parent observations will return after a two year hiatus. For those who have not been in a classroom for an observation before, it is important to follow some guidelines. First, a couple of students will greet you at the door and direct you where to sit. They’ll offer to bring you a glass of water and then leave you until your time is up. At the end of your visit, they’ll come by and say something like, “thank you for coming to our classroom” when your observation time has come to an end and escort you to the door. During your observation time, please don’t engage with the children in conversation even if they stop by and want to chat with you. They’ve been asked to expect visitors in our classroom during the next few weeks, but to continue working and refrain from initiating any conversation. A cordial hello or nod to acknowledge a “hello” is fine, but it is imperative they return to their daily morning work cycle.

Ms. Anna’s artistic flair, Mr. Mike’s woodworking skills, and the generous assistance of our wonderful key parents have been working with our students in making the Great Horned Owls’ auction project for the Fall Festival. Thank you to all the parents for your financial support towards our auction basket.

Finally, our first hike of the year will take place early on October 28th. We’ll send out a permission slip electronically very soon with a list of essential items your child will need.

Scholastic Books

Our first order was made and all books were delivered a few days before break. If you missed the order window and your order is under $25, it will need to wait until the following month order to prevent you from paying shipping fees. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Enjoy the Break!

Ms. Bahareh and Mr. Jess

P.S. The children were quite sadden to see Jonathan have to say goodbye due to a move back to Sierra Vista. There was a mad rush to exchange phone numbers and many pictures were taken. Below I’ve included a couple with our monthly set of pictures. He will be greatly missed, especially since he got the children to dance every Friday and was the promoter of singing on that day, too. We’ll continue the tradition.

October Birthdays:

1st - Hali

24th - Ava


Important Upcoming events:

Monday-Friday, October 3rd-7th - Fall Break/Extended Care Provided

Wednesday, October 12th (6-7pm)— Great Horned Owls’ Potluck at Desert Foothill Park

Saturday, October 22nd (9-11am) - Annual Fall Festival Art Walk

Wednesday, October 26th (6-7pm)— Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, October 28th (11:40-12:00pm) - Early Release/Extended Care Provided

Friday, October 28th (8:30-10:30am) - Great Horned Owls first hike of the year!