January/February Update

Dear Great Horned Owls Families - 

January has come and gone with a lot of work under your child’s belt. The pictures below provide a window into their daily work cycles. Enjoy!

Some friendly reminders:

More than likely you have your child in Montessori to have a cosmic education where they learn the interconnectedness of everything and everyone around them. We foster independent critical thinking and support this endeavor, with guidance, in their choice of work. The children are asked to balance their day amongst the different academic areas in order to develop a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual.

With your support at home, it is important they continue to practice this independence in different settings and scenarios.

Please remember to have your child pack their own healthy lunch or if necessary, with guidance and assistance. A child shouldn’t get to school and be surprised with was is in their lunch box.  As lower elementary students, they are expected to unpack their own food from containers independently.

While NASA astronauts may have no choice to eat their meals from pouches due to lack of gravity, at this stage in your child’s development, it is best to refrain from sending food packaged in this manner. Instead, we suggest emptying the contents into a container so they may enjoy it with a utensil.  Finally, it is important for their autonomy to be dropped off in the morning. We have adults along the way, that will lend a hand, if necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

February Birthdays:

9th - Ramzi

16th - Luna

22nd - Nadia

27th - Dylan L.

Mark Your Calendars:

Tuesday, February 8th (6-7pm) - Transition Meeting: Lower to Upper Elementary

Thursday, February 10th (6-7pm) - Transition Meetings: Children’s House to Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary to Adolescent

Friday, February 11th (7-9pm) - Trivia Night Party

Saturday, February 12th (7-10pm) - Paint Pouring & Cocktails Party

Monday, February 14th - February 25th - Re-Enrollment for 2022-23 School Year

Friday, February 18th - Early Release/Extended Care Provided

Monday, February 21st - Presidents Day/No School/Extended Care Provided

Wednesday, February 23rd (6-7pm) - Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, February 26th - Spirts w/Spirits (9am-12pm)  and Baklava & Belly Dancing Party(10am - 12pm)

Friendly Reminder:


Don’t forget to make your AZ School Tax Credit donation for Keystone Montessori- receive a dollar per dollar credit on your AZ tax return ($200 single or $400 for joint return on AZ form 321, please ask your tax advisor for details or https://azdor.gov/tax-credits/contributions-qcos-and-qfcos )


With so many people affected by the pandemic, please consider an additional tax credit to the Community Food Bank (https://azfoodbanks.org/food-banks-in-az/ ) or a tax credit to the Working Poor ( https://phoenixrescuemission.org/taxcredit/ ).


Thank you,

Ms. Bahareh and Mr. Jess



















































































Winter Solstice




























Attentively listening to a classmates play the keyboard.