November Update

Dear Great Horned Owls Families - 

We survived the Monday after Halloween!!!

That time of year is upon us: Keystone’s Fall Festival, Thanksgiving, and our Pot Luck at the beginning of next month. We are working on our Thanksgiving Feast and details will follow over the next couple of weeks.


This is also the time we start to plant in our garden. This year we are very fortunate to have a family at Keystone who is helping us with irrigation, garden box building, and over all Master Gardener guidance. Be on the look out for our wish list of plants. For now we are looking for a very specific donation of 4-5 bags of organic soil and 4-5 bags of organic compost. Our young gardeners and our volunteer Master Gardeners will be very excited to use your donations to prepare our garden boxes for immediate planting.

Tree of Life:

Time to transfer funds from your Swiss Account to your local bank so you’ll be ready to bid on the children’s art project: Tree of Life. They worked diligently in stringing beads, semi-precious stones, and even Keshi fresh water pearls. Thank you to Ms. Ana and Ms. Bahareh for their artistic guidance with the children!!!






Raffle “Basket”:

Thank you key moms (Kristen Carrillo, Melissa Stefanek, and Ana Zikic) for coordinating and reaching out to our families for donations. Most importantly, your wonderful wrapping job definitely highlights all the wonderful items in our Creative Learning Basket.







Keystone Fall Festival:

The Fall Festival is a little over one week away! There’s still time to buy your tickets as well as sign up to volunteer at our amazing event. We are so excited to see you there! 

-Purchase your all-inclusive tickets and attend the Fall Festival

-Purchase Raffle Basket and 50/50 Raffle collectibles online

-Volunteer for shifts Fall Festival 

-Donate to the Buy It Now Boutique or Live Auction

-Consider a business or Family Sponsorship

Here are the links for easy reference:


Volunteering, Boutique & Social Season:


Family Sponsors and Live Auction items, reach out to Melissa at or via cell (480) 570-9830.


It has been a sincere pleasure to meet our Great Horned Owls’ families and to share how your child is doing in school. For most, it is the first time you have met Ms. Bahareh and me in person and seen where your child comes to learn.

Lunch items:

We respectfully request your child pack a healthy snack (fresh fruit, vegetable, or some type of protein) for a quick mid-morning boost. If your child is still eating out of a pouch (yogurt, apple sauce, etc), we ask you squeeze them into a container at home before coming to school.

Thank you,

Ms. Bahareh and Mr. Jess

November Birthdays:

1st - Ylan

3rd - Charlize

17th - Rocco

30th - Santi

Mark Your Calendars:

Thursday, November 11th -Veteran’s Day-No school

Saturday, November 13th - Fall Festival-Keystone Olympics

Tuesday, November 16th - Classroom & Community Meeting

Wednesday, November 24th - Board of Directors Meeting (6-7pm)

November 24th-26th - Thanksgiving Break            


Great Horned Owls taking a picture with Ms. Ana and their "piece de resistance"...Tree of LifeClass with final "piece de resistance"...Tree of Life






 Sentence analysis work....




Geometic work










Feeding a praying mantis in the peace garden...











Arithmetic work using the Stamp Game...












Grammar work....




Multiplication using the checkerboard







Exploring multiples with the long bead chain






Grammar work...









Sentence analysis work