September 1st Update for the Great Horned Owls

Dear Great Horned Owls Families - 

Our first month ended with the children both happy to be at Keystone and thoroughly enjoying working with their classmates. We have wrapped up the five great Montessori impressionistic stories. The Coming of Life Timeline has been consistently brought out daily by different groups of students. The last two stories, Communication of Signs and The Story of Numbers, drew some additional excitement. Some children drew some of the early pictograms from caves before the Egyptians developed their hieroglyphics on large sheets of paper while others decided to see if they can write their birth year in Chinese characters or Roman letters. 

The children, both the new and returning, have really been busy with many research projects and presentations. We learnt one very valuable thing from listening to the many questions the children had for the presenters. Many answers were, “we don’t have an answer for that” or “we don’t know”. It was unanimously decided that at the beginning, when a research topic has been chosen, for the “researchers” to go around and “interview” their classmates on what questions they would be interested to have answers about said topic. This way the presenters have covered their topic thoroughly and will have fewer unanswered posed questions during their Q&A. 

We look forward to another month of many more lessons and research!

Our Fall Festival is just right around the corner and so be on the look out for more information on our classroom project and raffle basket. Ana, Melissa, and  Kristin (Nadia, Lennon, and Ari’s moms) are meeting and soon we’ll have some more details. 

Just some final reminders:

Please continue to send healthy meals to school. Fridays will be the only exception of bringing a cookie or brownie for lunch. Please don’t send any candy. Also, please remind your child, before living for school to make sure they have their water bottle. We want to make sure they have water on them when they go out for recess or P.E.. They play hard so we want them always hydrated.

We are asking birthday invitations, playdates, any type of invite be made outside of the school. The children are entering the socialization phase (2nd plane of development) and are eager to make new friends or to work with different people. This is a fragile time where they want to feel included and hearing they were not invited to a party can be very hurtful. 

We have found that mechanical pencils become a distraction, so we ask that only regular pencils be used in class. We have plenty at this time so your child doesn’t need to bring any from home. 

Thank you,

Ms. Bahareh and Mr. Jess

September Birthdays:

9th - Mateo

13th - Sydney

16th - Dylan P.


Important Upcoming events:

Monday, September 6th - Holiday, school is closed

Tuesday, September 7th - Community meeting via Zoom from 6-7:30pm

Thursday, September 16th - Early Released Day/No Extended Day Care

Friday, September 17th - School is closed

Wednesday, September 22nd - Board of Directors Meeting (6-7pm)