November 15th Update

Cool fall temperatures arrived and now we are back to summer temperatures. We call this Indian Summer back in New England.

We had three additional students returned at the beginning of November: Liev, Dylan, and Gavin. It only took them a day after meeting their new classmates to start to collaborate and work together. Mrs. Pye’s birthday was at the beginning of the month and the children were thrill to sing to her just as she signed in to give a yoga class to the online students. It was a nice gesture by the children, especially since they were very lucky, when they were online at home, to have her teach yoga in lieu of P.E. at school.

Children are very busy in the classroom. Different groups of students received lessons on the function of the leaf, compound vs simple leaves, the layers of the earth, further composition of the earth, the story on Sumer civilization, Egyptian civilization, second presentation of time line of human beings, suffixes and “root” of the word, how to use a dictionary, and memorization of addition facts ( doubles, “10”s, “5”s, and almost doubles), polygons and non polygons, estimation, long division estimating, common fractions, distributive property of multiplication, commutative property of addition and multiplication, and place value. The habits many children are working to develop are capitalizing at the beginning of the sentence, “I” is always capitalized, and punctuation. The other verbal thing they are working to remember is not to say “and” when stating a number beyond the “tens” place value. I switched gears and instead of writing daily based on a prompt given on Mondays, I am asking the children to focus on writing well just one sentence by adding more descriptive details.

We are also re-visiting some of the presentations given via Zoom at the beginning of the school year: congruency, similarity, and equivalence and nouns. This re-introduction together with the material is making a difference in their understanding of these lessons.

Ms. Bahareh and Ms. Alex are doing some beautiful art projects. They are learning about texture, three dimensional drawing, and this past week Ms. Bahareh helped them make a tree with fall color leaves using construction paper.

Even though we have all met for the teacher-parent conferences, I want to extend an open invitation to contact me with any questions or concerns that may arise through the course of your child’s academic and cosmic education.

We didn’t have any October birthdays, but towards the end of the month, Liev will be celebrating his 9th birthday on the 27th and Santi will be turning 8 on the 30th.


Our community meeting will be this November 17th at 6pm and the topic will be on how people have always been drawn to explore their environment and orient themselves on Earth through Geography.

Best Regards,

Mr. Jess & Ms. Bahareh