October 23rd update

Great Horned Owls Parents -     

     We’ve returned from break and it was nice to see some additional children in the classroom: Rose, Iris, Santi, and James. They have transitioned quickly and are joyfully using the Montessori materials to deepen their understanding of prior or new lessons. While both Iris and Rose are quite familiar with the classroom, James just moved up from Children’s House and Santi is coming from Shaw Montessori.

     I don’t mind sounding like a broken record, but I cannot tell you how much the children have progressed in becoming writers. The goal is to have them focus on what they want to write about and not on the technical aspects that unintentionally service as barriers in getting children to enjoy and develop good writing skills: punctuation, spelling, capitalization and grammar. Those are easy to work on; but for now, we’ll work on assisting them in what they want to say on paper. For those parents on Zoom, I suggest having your child just tell you what they want to say, especially if they are first years. Once they can confidently verbalize what they want to write, then and only then can you gently ask if they want to give it a go on paper. If you can’t read it, that is no problem. As long as they can read it to you, then they have taken an important step: writing what they want to say. That shift from verbal to writing is crucial and we want to celebrate it when it happens.

     Once this has occurred, the temptation will be there to correct their writing. Don’t fall for it! Just say, “Your writing is coming along very nicely. Let me know when you want my help with spelling.” Once they take you up on it, then you might consider only one sentence at a time. Also, invite them to write the correct spelling in their “spelling booklet” (yellow). Remind them they can go back to this booklet when they want to check the spelling of prior words used.  

I’ll touch on arithmetic next time. For now, please enjoy the more tolerable temperatures.

P.S. I tried to upload pictures but unfortunately I wasn't successful. I'm still learning.