1st October Update

Happy Fall Break Eve!

Everyone has survived, barely, the first quarter of the  school year. We have all gotten into a groove, unless the dreaded internet, Zoom, or my desk camera decide to not cooperate when we are in a middle of a lesson (at least a half dozen times during the day). The resiliency of children is evident when you see them working in the classroom. It is as though five months at home have been forgotten and they are back picking the works they both enjoy and those they need to still master. The students on Zoom have a schedule for meeting with me but it evolves into an ad hoc schedule because presentations (a.k.a. lessons) run over time or technology has delayed a lesson or a myriad of reasons. Either way, I appreciate both the students and parents for their patience and understanding.

Fall is here and we are about to embark on planting tomatoes, carrots, herbs, potatoes, radishes, pineapples (just kidding), etc. after we return from fall break. We will be looking for  any vegetable soil (about five bags) and maybe some child size  gardening tools. I  understand we need to be intelligent in how we protect our plantings since there is plenty of wild life that looks forward to partaking of these crops. I understand planting cherry tomatoes against the children’s house playground was also not a good idea since small hands would easily reach through, during after care, and help themselves to our tomatoes,  whether they were ripe or  not.

The Scholastic Book order has been placed and I expect the shipment to arrive  during our break. Due to the order size, I was able to order at least twenty more books for our classroom library. Thank you!

Parent/Teacher conferences will beginning towards the end of October. Please be on the lookout for an announcement via SchoolCues. I understand that is the place to go to secure a time.

Enjoy your Fall Break and stay safe!

P.S. I just noticed one child who seems to pop-up in several pictures…see if you can spot the child. Also, Zoom children parents - please send me impromptu pictures of your child working so I may add them in my next update. Thank you.

Parts of a flower