2nd August Update

Dear Great Horned Owls-

We just finished two weeks of school via distance learning and we have survived. Is it perfect? Definitely not! I am constantly thinking how to improve. I speak to Ms. Bahareh and to as many Guides who have been so helpful in sharing what has worked and what doesn’t. I can say that many, if not most children, have gotten the hang of using Zoom. I even figured this week that when we want a child to leave the breakout room, we ask them to hit the “Leave Breakout Room or Return to Main Room” button on their Zoom screen. The one delay we’ve consistently encountered when we are sending children to a breakout room is from children either not paying close attention to directions or they are absent from the screen/room. I am hoping to address this at the beginning of the day until we can reduce this delay. I also plan to start asking children, through the help of the parent to scan or take a picture of their work journal daily to then send to me. I will also ask for drafts of their writing and math work. I will be e-mailing you with instructions on how to upload this via Google Classroom. 

As part of their Cosmic Education, I’ve presented two great lessons: The Coming of the Universe and The Coming of Life (Timeline of Life).  Other Lessons have been given on clock work, nouns, geometry(congruency, similarity and equivalency), place value, digit, number, value, review and practice of static and dynamic addition, commutative property, review and practice of perimeter. Some children did research on Russia, Chile, Madagascar, Honduras, The Netherlands, Italy and China.

As a personal philosophy, I try not to use too much paper to preserve our trees, so if you would like an electronic version of any of the work place out on Fridays, please let me know. I will let you know when there is something going home that I am unable to send electronically. 

Any teacher created Montessori Materials need to be returned to Keystone once your child has completed their work in the subject area: Racks & Tubes. 

Please tell your child that I am very happy they are here and are taking the responsibility to attend and participate in class. As I said prior, I will keep improving their educational experience as we continue with the distance learning.


8/7                 Katherine

8/12               Leo

8/19               Gavin

8/28               Nik


As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.  I can be reached via email (jess@keystonemontessori.com) or through the Gold Note system.

Thank you