Great Horned Owls - 1st September Update

Dear parents,

Children have been so busy these past few weeks! They have been involved in different lessons, research, and working together to form our cooperative, friendly environment. We have had classroom meetings in order to share different ideas and come up with logical solutions to issues in the classroom. I am pleased to see the children coming together and showing compassion toward one another during the work cycle! All of the children who brought in a library card have been to the library with Ms. Bahareh. The trips went very well and they are ready to start making trips with our library parent, Ms. Judith Benen. She will be taking small groups on Thursdays to check out books or to return any books that are no longer needed. PLEASE talk to your children about their password for their library card. A few had some trouble when checking out their books, because they were unsure of their password. If their password is their first or last name, it makes it so much easier for the children to remember. Saturday, August 31st is Maria Montessori’s birthday. Today, we read a book about her life and accomplishments. The children were amazed at what she did in her early years and the obstacles she had to face. Afterward, the children wanted to talk about what they want to be when they grow up.

Reach for the stars! We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Ms. Tonya and Ms. Bahareh