Saguaros January Update

Dear Parents,

Happy new year, and welcome back to school! I hope that you and your family enjoyed the winter break. The children have seemed delighted to return to school and are settling back into their regular routines. They have also been very excited to share what they did during the break. 

In January, our unit study theme is peace. In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., the children will have an opportunity to discuss what peace means to them and how they can contribute to world peace. The children were introduced to the Martin Luther King Junior speech, “I Have a Dream,” and the song, “We Are Unity.” We have been reflecting on and discussing the meaning of these critical messages. Also, the children are learning sign language for the lyrics to the song. Examples of words that the children can sign include “world,” “one,” “sun,” “unity,” and “ocean.” Ask your child to demonstrate the signs! The children have also been introduced to a breathing song. They are learning how to breathe like different animals, such as dolphins, pufferfish, and crocodiles. The children are having a lot of fun with this song and are also learning to regulate themselves using breathing techniques. If you have any objects or books symbolizing peace, please have your child share them with the class.  

In Spanish, the children have expanded their Spanish knowledge by learning the numbers (“números”) from 1 to 20. The children also have been singing two new songs: “Un elefante se balanceaba” and “Cinco patitos.” 

We have welcomed three new students, Annabelle Jackson, Indali Taylor, and Louisa McKay, to the classroom. The children have been supportive and eager to help them make a smooth transition. 

Upcoming Dates to Remember!

* Monday, January 16 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Daycare provided for Extended Care        Children)    

* Tuesday, January 17 – Community &Classroom Meeting at 6:00 p.m.

* Friday, January 27 - Early Release at 12 p.m.(Daycare provided for Extended Care Children)

* Friday, January 27, and Saturday, January 28– Montessori Journey


Ms. Yoo-Kyung