Saguaros November Update

Dear Parents,

This month, the children are learning Spanish vocabulary associated with "Pumpkins," such as calabaza-pumpkin, semilla-seed, raíz-root, tallo-stem, hojas-leaves and flor-flower. To strengthen their learning, they have been introduced to three books; "De semilla a calabaza", "La calabaza rodante", "Oso pardo, oso pardo, que ves ahi?" In addition, the children had an opportunity to learn about the parts of a pumpkin. We cut a pumpkin allowing the children to be introduced to the seeds, pulp, ribs, and stem. In addition, they enjoy singing songs such as "5 Little Pumpkins" and "Life Cycle of a Pumpkin."

Also, we focused on learning the procedures to clean our classroom. Through this exercise, the children are developing cleaning skills and the responsibilities needed to take care of their own environment. It has been inspiring to see the children gain more independence and self-direction as the weeks have progressed.

The Keystone Fall Festival is just around the corner, and it is our main fundraising event, so we would like to encourage you to join and support our school. Our Lego Raffle Basket and auction project are finished! They are proudly displayed in the front lobby for everyone to admire. Our class project, the saguaro cactus frame, is absolutely gorgeous, while our Lego basket is magnificent. Thank you so much for your generous contributions to the auction project and the raffle basket. We couldn't have done it without your support! Also, a special thanks to the Saguaros' KeyParents, Ceci Chavez, Chasa O'Brien, and Christina Netherby, for orchestrating the projects. The children have nailed down the dance routine and are eager to perform for their parents at the Fall Festival.

Just a kind reminder about Keystone's school practice about Halloween: It is the school's best practice that we do not celebrate Halloween with parties, costumes, or goodies. Please do not bring any Halloween treats (e.g., candy, goody bags, sweets, etc.) to school. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Over Thanksgiving Break, if you would like to host Blue Rose and Blue Sky (our classroom pet birds), please let Ms. Yoo-Kyung know. They are very low maintenance and friendly!

On behalf of the children,

Ms. Yoo-Kyung