Saguaros October Update

Dear parents of Saguaros,


We successfully finished a great first quarter, thank you for all of your support and understanding! 


The children have been introduced to the different seasons since Fall has begun. They learned that earth orbits the sun and how the way in which the earth faces the sun causes the change in seasons. They were also presented with new words such as northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere, orbit, and equator. Additionally, they have been enjoying listening to composer Vivaldi’s Fall piece. The children enjoy singing 2 songs “One Light and One Sun” and “Thanks A Lot”. They reflected on the meaning of the lyrics and discussed how to take care of our planet earth. Some of their ideas included caring for our plants, picking up trash, and conserving water. 


During the past few weeks, the children had the opportunity to work on the classroom auction project. They enjoyed channeling their creativity and applying their art skills to produce a beautiful project. Thank you so much for your generous contributions for both the auction project and raffle basket. Our Family Social Potluck was a blast! The children enjoyed the extra social time with their peers and other families. A special thanks to the Saguaros’ KeyParents, Ceci Chavez, Chasa O’Brien and Christina Netherby for their hard work and dedication to our community.


The observation and conference schedule is located on the pick-up/drop-off table. Please sign up for a time that works for you. If there is a scheduling conflict, please contact Ms. Yoo-Kyung at 


Just a kind reminder about Keystone’s school practice about Halloween: It is the school’s best practice that we do not celebrate Halloween with parties, costumes, or goodies. Please do not bring any Halloween treats (e.g., candy, goody bags, sweets, etc.) to school. Thank you for your understanding and support.



On behalf of the children,


Ms. Yoo-Kyung