Saguaros September Update

Dear Parents, 


The school year is off to a great start! The children have become acclimated to the classroom routines and procedures. They become more independent and show high levels of engagement with the materials. We would like to thank you for your support and understanding of the morning drop-off. We cannot stress enough the importance of having children arrive at school on time. Children at this age are very sensitive to their routine, and they have a better sense of order when they come on time without being rushed. 


In commemoration of Maria Montessori’s birthday, we talked about her life and had an opportunity to appreciate her contributions. The children learned that our school’s name is called Keystone Montessori after Maria Montessori’s name. Additionally, the children learned that Maria Montessori invented all of the materials for them to work with.


The children learned a couple of new songs and have been playing games to develop team building skills. In particular, the children like to sing “the Colors” song where each child gets a designated color and they follow the directions of the song (e.g., red: stand up, green: turn around, etc.).


We have been reinforcing Grace and Courtesy lessons for the children to build positive social interactions. Some examples include how to interrupt politely; how to wait patiently; and how to stand in line. 


I would like to announce our Key Parents for this school year – Ms. Ceci Chavez, Ms. Chantal O’Brien, and Ms. Christina Netherby. They will be helping with various classroom functions and will be in contact with the parents as needed. Thank you to our Key Parents for their commitment! 




Ms. Yoo-Kyung