March Update

Dear Parents,


The Peace Program was a great success! The children explored the concept of peace and their presentations were a tribute to their discoveries. Their earnest hard work is clearly demonstrated in their beautiful performance. The children were very excited to perform their presentations to share with you all and we hope you enjoyed the recording. They recited Martin Luther King Junior’s speech, recited a poem in Spanish and sang "We Are Unity.” This year, the Saguaro’s theme was unity.


The children were introduced to the new Spanish song, “De Colores”. They are excited to be learning new Spanish vocabulary and are becoming familiar with the song. The children have been talking about the season of spring and some words related to spring, like “blossom”, “daffodil” and “sprouting”. They were recently introduced to the songs “Planting Seeds of Love” and “I Love the Mountain”.


A new body of research has begun to investigate the features of picture books that support children's learning and how that information can be transferred to the real world. The children enjoying reading books and love to be read to. Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to freely utilize the library system. As a class community project, I would like to borrow books from the Saguaros families. We will keep them for a week, clean and return them. Please try to bring hard cover books if possible and books with educational content. In addition, please record your child’s name on the book so we can keep track of them! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 


Lastly, the children were introduced to a few games to develop creative thinking skills and coordination of movement as well as have fun! 




Ms. Yoo-Kyung