December Update

Dear Parents,


December is an exciting and busy month for everyone. In our classroom, the children have an opportunity to explore different international holidays such as Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukah. The children are learning basic information about each holiday. They are also learning traditional holiday songs like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Must be Santa and Every Little Wish. Must be Santa is the most popular song in our class.  


We are fully utilizing the outdoor environment. This allows the children to take advantage of the beautiful weather while also building their practical life skills. Our outdoor environment is an extension of the classroom, so the same rules and expectations apply outside as well for enhanced consistency. 


The children worked very diligently and joyfully on their holiday project. They were excited to take it home and share the project with their families. I hope you enjoy this special and unique gift by your child. 


In celebration of the end of the semester, the children had an opportunity to participate in the Winter Solstice via Zoom. They sang “Morning Has Broken” to begin the ceremony and watched another class present Earth. Then, they finished the ceremony with the song “Here Comes the Sun.” The children were excited and happy to see students from other classes joining on Zoom.


Lastly, a warm congratulations to the Brooks family who welcomed a baby girl, Lilliana Joyce Brooks into their family! 




Ms. Yoo-Kyung