2nd October Update

Dear Parents,


This week, the children had an opportunity to learn about the parts of a pumpkin. We cut the pumpkin and the children were introduced to the seeds, pulp, ribs and stem. Also, they enjoyed singing songs such as “5 Little Pumpkins” and “Life cycle of Pumpkins.” 


The observation and conference schedule is located on the pick-up/drop-off table. Please sign up for a time that works for you. If there is a scheduling conflict, please contact Ms. Yoo-Kyung at yookyung@keystonemontessori.com. 


Our Lego Basket and auction project are finished. They are beautifully and proudly displayed in the front lobby. Our class project, Community Library, is absolutely gorgeous while our Lego basket is magnificent. The Keystone Fall Festival is just around the corner and is our main fundraising event, so we would like to encourage you to join and support our school. Our class has been diligently practicing a dance routine that was filmed to be presented at the fall festival. Thank you so much for your generous contributions for the raffle basket and the auction project. We couldn’t have done it without your support! Also, a special thanks to the Saguaros’ KeyParents, Ceci Chavez, Lisa Harris and Rebecca Rapp for their hard work, and dedication to our community. 


Just a kind reminder about Keystone’s school practice about Halloween: It is the school’s best practice that we do not celebrate Halloween with parties, costumes, or goodies. Please do not bring any Halloween treats (e.g., candy, goody bags, sweets, etc.) to school. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Lastly, a warm congratulations to the Netherbys who welcomed a baby boy into their family! Have a wonderful weekend!


On behalf of the children,


Ms. Yoo-Kyung