1st October Update

Dear parents of Saguaros,


We successfully finished a great first quarter, thank you for all of your support and understanding! The children had an opportunity to learn about the different seasons since Fall has begun. They learned that earth orbits the sun and how the way in which the earth faces the sun causes the change in seasons. They were also introduced to new words such as northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere, orbit and equator. Since we have been listening to Vivaldi’s Fall Piece, the children showed interest in different musical instruments. They had an opportunity to see a real violin and learned the parts of the violin such as strings, pegs, fingerboard and chin rest. 


The children enjoy singing 2 songs “One Light and One Sun” and “Thanks A Lot”. They reflected on the meaning of the lyrics and had a discussion about how to take care of our planet earth. Some of their ideas included caring for our plants, picking up trash, and conserving water. 


The importance of using the correct pencil grip was shared during the classroom meeting. Please observe your child and how he/she holds their pencil to reinforce the correct grasp at home.


Our class community welcomed a new friend: Nai’lah Shamsid-Deen. She is making a smooth transition as the other children have been supportive and encouraging.


On behalf of the children,


Ms. Yoo-Kyung