Saguaros- 1st March Update

Dear Parents,


The Peace Program was a great success! The children had been exploring the concept of peace and their presentations were their tribute to what they have discovered. The children were very excited to perform their presentation, and we hope that you enjoyed the evening. They explained the definition of peace in a Montessori environment, recited a poem in Spanish, and sang "A Song of Peace". 


Since the weather has been nice, we are fully using the outdoor environment. The seasons have been changing, so we have been talking about the season of spring and some vocabulary related to spring, such as “blossom” and “sprouting”. The children were also recently introduced to the song “Planting Seeds of Love.” We also read a poem called “The Earth”.


The children enjoyed learning a new hand clapping game “Bim Bum” and having fun playing with their friends. Also, they were introduced to a few other games to develop creative thinking skills and coordination of movement as well as have fun! 


The children have been introduced to the “walking on the line” exercise. By walking on the line, they are developing control of the body, coordination of movement, and sense of equilibrium. Sometimes they walk with music, a drum beat, or rhythm sticks. If you were curious about the green line on the floor, this is for the exercise. 


Over Spring Break, if you would like to host Blue Rose and Blue Sky (our classroom pet birds), please let Ms. Yoo-Kyung know. They are very low maintenance and friendly!





Ms. Yoo-Kyung