Saguaros- 1st December Update

Dear Parents,


December is an exciting and busy month for everyone. In our class room, the children have an opportunity to explore different international holidays such as Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukah. The children are learning basic information about each holiday. They are also learning traditional holiday songs like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Must be Santa, and Every Little Wish. Must be Santa the most popular song in our class.  


Since the weather has been nice, we are fully utilizing the outdoor environment. For example, the children are involved with sweeping, washing, and gardening. This allows the children to take advantage of the beautiful weather while also building their practical life skills. Our outdoor environment is an extension of the classroom, so the same rules and expectations apply outside as well for enhanced consistency. 


In the month of December, we are serving mozzarella cheese, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes in kebob-style for snack.  The children really enjoy eating their snack, especially since the colors are so attractive and vibrant.  


Thank you for participating in classroom observation and parent/teacher conferences. It has been such an honor for us to work with your precious children in our class. We also sincerely appreciate your continual support and dedication for the Keystone community throughout the semester. 




Ms. Yoo-Kyung and Ms. Consuelo