Saguaros- 2nd November Update

Dear Parents, 


A big shout out to the people who attended the auction night and supported our school! Once again, it was a huge success, and we thank you all for participating and helping out. Heartfelt thanks to Amber's family for placing the winning bid on our classroom project. Also, a special thank you to our Key Parents, Ms. Bo Keum, Jacquie, and Randi for their support and guidance. 


Since the weather has been cold in the mornings, the children have been wearing coats and jackets. They are practicing how to put on their outerwear properly and independently and also how to fold their sweaters and jackets nicely. Please support your child by having them put on their outerwear at home by themselves. When they put their jackets on independently, they are very proud of themselves! 


This month, the children were introduced to the parts of the body in Spanish and are singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in Spanish as well. They enjoy learning the new Spanish vocabulary and are becoming familiar with the song.


We are serving pizza for snack. The children are building the skills of taking care of the environment and themselves as they enjoy this snack. For instance, they work on spooning, washing the fruits, washing the table, and washing dishes.



Ms. Yoo-Kyung 


Children are learning addition while working on the Banking Game.

Title: Bank game

Description: Children are learning addition.


Child is learning to build word while working on the moveable alphabet.

Title: Moveable alphabet

Description: Child is learning to build words.