Prickly Pears- 1st February Update


The children are practicing the songs for the Peace Program. We had great conversations about how peace is part of us. They can't wait to perform for you.

Save the date for February 13that 6:00pm so you can come and see your child perform. Remember that you will pick up your child as usual. Later that night everybody will come back; please have your child to the classroom at 5:45 pm. 

We kindly ask that the children wear their best outfit and dress shoes. The children can also wear a cultural heritage costume reflecting your family’s personal background if they wish to do so.

Humankind has mistaken its approach to peace; Maria Montessori said we have decided to look for an artificial peace, the peace that comes right after the fight, the peace that is forced by tragedy, fear, bereavement and sadness. (Montessori, 1986) Maria Montessori, at her speech at the European congress for peace on September 3, 1936, stated, that "peace should come from within our souls, peace should originate and grow from peace, not from destruction or war, not from domination or colonization, peace should be the result of understanding, accepting and calling each other's differences as a mean of enrichment and not by perceiving them as a threat, therefore the values of education as the most powerful tool to guide and allow the natural development of the inner sense of good"

Dr. Maria Montessori said, "it is up to the human beings to decide their destiny: and, if the arms will fall down from their hands, in that moment a splendid day will star for humanity".

Thank you and have a great weekend!


Ms. Pily