Prickly Pears- 2nd December Update

Hello Prickly Pear parents,

Cookie Exchange

Thursday, December 20th

6 pm- 7 pm (arrive early)

  • Please remember to bring 31 cookies to exchange, one for each child in the class. Include the ingredients in your plate of cookies so children with allergies can safely pick what is good for them.
  • This is the perfect opportunity for your child to wear their most festive attire, please help them come dressed up for the occasion.
  • We kindly ask you to pick up your child on time and no later than 5:15 pm that day so they have time to eat something and relax before the cookie exchange.
  • The event starts at 6:00pm in Keystone Gym but we will need your child in the classroom at 5:45PM 

Thank you,

Ms. Pily