Prickly Pears- 2nd September Update


Hello Prickly Pear families,

Baking is one of our Practical Life activities that children enjoy doing; this is an activity that gives the children an opportunity to do purposeful things with their hands. Movement with purpose helps to develop concentration, order, sense of sequence, and independence. Baking meets the needs of a child at any age starting with preliminary exercises that can be simple sequences in the process of preparation for recipes; these will help initially by building gross and fine motor movements skills, self-control and confidence. And advancing into more complex preparation sequences or entire recipes that become an effective opportunity to practice the use of measures, proportions, fractions, sizes, and times in support of the mathematical mind. Overall, baking becomes a complete work that the guide can adapt to the child’s stage within their plane of development.

Ms. Pily


Lucky and Rae measuring and adding ingredients for their recipe.

Students measuring for baking lesson.

Rae and Lucky measuring brown sugar and oats.

Students following the recipe and adding all ingredients.