Palos Verdes August Update



Welcome to Palos Verdes Classroom!


Welcome Back dear children and parents!

We will have another year of fun learning and growing together!


We would like to welcome our new members in class:


Aspen Olson

Carson Hildebrand

Dylan Xie

Julia Busch

Lydia Hailu

Luke. Mutamba

River Cardew

Yannick Kobylanski


Let us all extend our warm welcome to the whole family!


We are very happy to have you all


As part of Palos Verdes Class


And as part of Keystone Montessori Community!
















Here are some loving reminders for everyone:


Morning Drop Off


7:30 – 8:30 AM –     Drop off your child through the 

Children’s House Playground Gate and 

proceed to the classroom.


For a successful transition, a quick goodbye is helpful.

            We need your full support on dropping off your child on time.

            We also need your full support and understanding on 

           “Respecting your Child’s Environment”.

Hallway and classrooms are Quiet Zones. Your child will greatly appreciate your loving and peaceful manner during this time.


After 8:30 AM – PLEASE drop off your child through the Front Door/Lobby and 

  proceed to the classroom.



Afternoon Pick Up


            3:00 – 3:15 PM         - Pick up your child through the Children’s House Playground gate 

  and proceed to the classroom.


3:15 – 5:30    - Pick up your child through the Front Door/Lobby and proceed to the classroom.


Half Day Pick – Through the Front Door/Lobby and proceed to the classroom.



Signing In and Out


            For added security, parents or adult over 18 years old

                        “Must Sign in and Out” your child.

            The sign in and out sheet is a legal document. 

            Please do not allow your child to sign or write something on it.





Kindly pack a “healthy lunch” together with your child in glass containers.

            There is no need to pack any kind of drinks.

            Lunch Time is an extension of Practical Life Exercises.

            Children set the table and prepare everything they need.

            Make sure your child can open his/her containers independently.












            For any concerns or questions about your child, please email me at:


            Or drop me a note using the

                        Gold Communication Forms are available at the front desk.

            Classroom Updates will be posted on our website:





We need your support and generosity to bring snacks for a week for the class.

The Sign-Up sheet is posted on our bulletin board.

We will give you the Snack Shopping List and kindly bring the items on

            “Monday Morning”.



Birthday Celebration


It is our honor and joy to celebrate your child’s birthday in our classroom the Montessori Way!

Kindly let your child bring photos when he/she was born, one year old, two years old, three years old, depending on how old your child be.

If you like, you may let your child bring individually pre-packed treats to share with the children.



Nature Table


We have a special table for educational objects or pictures that your child will bring for sharing.

These may be some special items from your trips, from nature, or books that are related to what the children are interested in.

Your child will be able to present it properly and informatively.

Kindly help him/her on the information needed. 

You may write a note so we can help your child.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to express and verbalize such information logically in front of the group.














            We would like to request the parents of those children who nap to 

                        Please let your child bring a flat sheet, and a blanket 

in a plastic box. 

            Your child will bring it every Monday and take it home every Friday.



Spare Clothes


Together with your child, kindly prepare and bring spare clothes in a one-gallon size Ziploc bag. 

Each item should be marked with your child’s name clearly.


Community and Classroom Meetings and Events


            We strongly recommend every family to attend and take part in every community events and classroom meetings!




Respectfully and sincerely,


Ms. Imelda , Ms. Anny, and Ms. Lianna