March Update

Dear Palo Verdes Families,


It’s March! Let’s welcome this month with our “Spring” spirit, full of hopes and fresh ideas and things!


As the weather allows the children to enjoy more of the outdoor environment, it is our great desire to prepare the extension of our classroom with more opportunities for learning and growing.


We would like to request each child to bring flower plants to study and to continue their lessons on taking care of the plants. If it is okay, they can start bringing it after Spring Break.


We would also like to request each child to bring any kind of fruit seeds, flower seeds, and vegetable seeds for the whole class to study.


The children will be identifying kinds of seeds, flowers, vegetables, and many more. They will continue learning the 

Parts of a Seed, 

Parts of a Flower, 

Parts of a Leaf, 

Parts of a Tree, and more songs and poems about Plants.


If you have books, pictures, or any reading materials for children about Plants, PLEASE let them bring it to share with the class for show and tell.


Thank you so much for all your support for the best interest of the children!





Ms. Imelda and Ms. Anny